DCF 1.0

Luxury Villa in Ostrava
USE: Residential, Administrative, Commercial, Apartments
Floorage: 595 m²
Size of lot: 1.138 m²
Floor: 4 over ground

Excellent locality near the city centre of Ostrava (approx. 5 min. by car to the city centre), near the 28. října street and the shopping centre Futurum, with easy access to shopping centre Karolina and Lower Vítkovice, Stodolní Street, and major events such as the Colours of Ostrava music festival.
Architecturally magnificent First Republic property is in excellent technical condition, moreover along back it passed through completely reconstruction. It is in architectural and the use value aspect absolutely unique building, namely not only within city of Ostrava or the Moravian-Silesian region!

Location: The villa with the lots is situated in very strategic place nearby of the city centre of Ostrava. Almost immediately it adjoins one of the most important traffic approach road of Ostrava, the 28. října Street. Its attraction and intimacy is enhanced the surrounding with shade of the full-grown trees. Moreover the villa offers the comfort of spacious terraces, which enable enjoy the restful and pleasant neighbourhood full of green.
The traffic to the building is serviced with two side streets, which are attached to the centre of Ostrava, but also to the fast highways out of the town. The Korunní Street came through reconstruction not long ago and so improved whole look of the neighbourhood.

The villa in itself act partly as a seat of a prominent company and remaining parts are leased to a proper customers for an above standard rental. The reason is care of the villa owner with the refined taste, the sense of detail and her accuracy – both to her guests and to villa itself. Although will in this case rather only act about the emotional investment, we can ́t mention any economic potential. In Ostrava is not very much localities, which would be suited to needs of the exacting customers.
If we ́ll add the clear architecture and “genius loci” of the location in which is situated the villa, we ́ll reach the conclusion of it is unique investment, in whereof will be always the interest.

Contact the owner: whitehouse@art-de.de